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443 icons ❙ arcana famiglia, kuni no alice, hyouka, kurobasu, tsuritama

155 ❙ arcana famiglia
082 ❙ heart no kuni no alice
100 ❙ hyouka
047 ❙ kuroko no basuke
059 ❙ tsuritama

arcana famiglia

heart no kuni no alice


kuroko no basuke


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(Anonymous) 2012-10-27 01:44 am (UTC)(link)
Your icons are AMAZING! Each set leaves me excited for the next. Please keep up the great work and do you take requests right now? I'm in dire need of some Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic, Code: Breaker, and K Project (Neko) icons. :3 If not that's okay. :)

*Pulls out a ringpop* WILL YOU MARRY ME? >///