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❙ requests!

thank you for 100 subscribers!

insert pictures, get icons! i'll do everything under the sun, from anime to manga to cartoons to live action — you name it. though admittedly, i've only done a handful of the latter.
i'll do fanart as long as the artist has no policy against it; please link to the original post or provide some way to get to it. ex, pixiv picture id.
there's no limit to how many icons you can ask for! the exception being if you want an image or manga panel coloured, i'm limiting that to five per person.
you don't need to be subscribed to the community, and this post will be open all of march.

samples ( x )



live action




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❥ Name: Nammah
❥ Canon(s): Bleach
❥ Image(s):
right middle panel, talking about cousin
bottom, second to left panel
bottom panel
top left panel
❥ Reference(s): color ref
❥ Request(s): there's no color reference for the uniform she's wearing, so feel free to put her in any color tone you see fit! Fandom canon often has her in blue, as approximated guess via wikipedia.