fraternize: (now presenting: oswald baskerville)
oswald "yandere magnet" baskerville ([personal profile] fraternize) wrote in [community profile] sfx 2014-03-02 01:33 am (UTC)

❥ Name: moe!!
❥ Canon(s): Pandora Hearts
❥ Image(s): the two on the bottom left please, one + two
drip, three
top right, four
bottom, five
❥ Reference(s): for the guy and for charlotte in the first two! if it comes up, his earring(s) is the color of lacie's (the girl's) eyes in the first ref!

it also occurs to me that i snuck a baskerville cloak one in there for oswald-- they're red, and gold trimmed as we see in this ref. sorry about that!
❥ Request(s): nahhh you can do whatever you want otherwise C: THANK YOU

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